[python-uk] Game of Life / TDD ideas

David Read david.read at hackneyworkshop.com
Tue Feb 7 12:36:14 CET 2012

Those of us at last week's London Python Dojo had fun hacking together
little animated Game of Life simulators. My team's data model was based on
a set of the alive cells, rather than the world as an array / list of
lists, and its a choice I pushed for having recently read an extremely
relevant blog post:
http://emilybache.blogspot.com/2011/12/global-day-of-code-retreat.html I
mentioned it to some of the people in the pub afterwards and wondered if
the rest of you would be interested.

Emily r<http://emilybache.blogspot.com/2011/12/global-day-of-code-retreat.html>uns
Python Dojos in Gothenburg and provides "clean code" training for
companies, so practises doing problems like Game of Life time after time.
She aims for clarity / pythonic-ness and practising different coding
methods to get high quality.

I was particularly interested to watch her screen cast
https://s3.amazonaws.com/ryanbigg_screencasts/Game+of+Life+-+Full.mov where
she goes through her practised version of Game of Life whilst demonstrating
several of the latest ideas in the TDD world. It's quite different to most
people's ways of thinking / coding, and perhaps won't be to everyone's
tastes, but it's definitely food for thought!

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