[python-uk] Game of Life / TDD ideas

Tom Viner tom at viner.tv
Tue Feb 7 18:15:18 CET 2012

René, that's called Rest Driven Development :-) (Although that can mean "no
sleep allowed until it's done!")

I've also attended an Emily Bache TDD formal dojo as well as Harry
Percival's code-along Test-Driven-Django-Tutorial. Both were really good to
help learn a discipline I personally find it hard to get into... but really
want to!

So there's definitely room for more "I really believe in this stuff and I
think you should too" on a per-dojo, per enthusiatic-practitioner basis,

On 7 February 2012 16:36, René Dudfield <renesd at gmail.com> wrote:

> Tell one group the night before the problem, so they can practice 'sleep
> on it' development?
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