[python-uk] Jobs at ReportLab, South West London

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Sat Jan 21 14:24:20 CET 2012

We're looking for up to two good all-rounders to join our team in
Wimbledon, South West London.
ReportLab is one of the oldest and best known Python companies in the
UK. We maintain a very widely used open source library; sell
commercial Python products on top of this; build web-based,
content-backed systems to publish personalised literature; and do a
full range of web development work for clients, many of whom are
household names.
We're interested both in people with years of experience and in
talented beginners willing to learn fast.  Ideallly you will have a
good understanding of web technologies and some knowledge of several
of the following skills:
* Python programming - or evidence of ability to learn multiple
languages* Good analysis skills - the ability to listen to customers,
figure out where the value lies, and help decide what to build in the
first place* Understanding of web frameworks, databases, XML* Know
CSS, HTML and Javascript (an eye for visual design is a plus)* Have
the common sense to know when coding is NOT the answer and the ability
to communicate clearly with non-programmers* Common practices in
agile, open-source-style development
Our work covers the full stack from front-end through toserver-side
development, in a modern open source environment. We usePython, Django
and MySQL on all common platforms, jQuery and similarlibraries for
rich interfaces, as well as our own products for PDFgeneration.  We
follow Agile processes where possible.
We are very happy to mentor talented and committed peoole at the start
of their programming career, and can offer an oustanding programming
education, working alongside developers with decades of experience.

We look for people who are smart, get things done and are good
teamplayers, and strive to create an enjoyable working environment.

All applicants must be able to communicate their ideas clearlyin
written English, and to deal with customers from time to time.Salary
range is between £21k and £30k depending on experience.Theposition is
based in Wimbledon, London, UK.  No remote working and noagencies,
For more information see http://www.reportlab.com/

Please email your CV to vacancies at reportlab.com

Best Regards,

Andy Robinson
Managing Director, ReportLab Europe Ltd.

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