[python-uk] One day course : Google App Engine with Python

John Pinner funthyme at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 10:36:51 CET 2012

O’Reilly UK and FLOSS UK are offering a new course


I thought that you'd like to know about a one day course being offered
by FLOSS UK and o'Reilly. It's one of a regular series of courses
organised by FLOSS UK throughout the year see http://flossuk.org. This
is an organisation well worth joining and its events have a very high
signal to noise ratio. Disclaimer: I am a member!

Here are the details:

Explore what Google App Engine has to offer web developers, with Paul Barry

Intensive Introduction to Google App Engine with Python

This course is aimed at web developers looking to learn what Google
App Engine brings to the web development table.  In addition to
exploring Python’s Google App Engine API, course attendees will build,
upload and deploy a complete working webapp to Google’s cloud service
during this one-day, hands-on session.  Course
attendees should note that prior knowledge of Python is useful, but
not essential.

Further information including course content and booking form can be
found on: http://www.flossuk.org/Events/Googleapp

Venue: Imperial Hotel, Russell Square, London
Date: 12th April 2012.

Note: The Imperial is very convenient: a brisk 10 minute walk from
Euston station.


Your tutor, Paul Barry, is a lecturer at The Institute of Technology,
Carlow in Ireland, where he has taught advanced undergraduate
computing courses for the last 15 years.  Paul is also a Contributing
Editor at Linux Journal, and is a regular speaker at the PyCon Ireland
conferences. Paul has a number of technical books to his credit,
including his most recent “Head First Python” (2011), which is part of
the hugely popular brain-friendly series of books from O’Reilly Media.

Best wishes,


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