[python-uk] saturday london python dojos?

Nicholas H.Tollervey ntoll at ntoll.org
Tue Jan 31 14:36:48 CET 2012

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We post well in advance on the python-uk mailing list. Code dojos are
usually the first Thursday of every month except January (and
sometimes September depending on the academic year). We take August off.



On 31/01/12 13:25, Ed Stafford wrote:
> Hi Nick,
> Absolutely, is there a system in place somewhere to help
> coordinate these or is it on an ad-hoc basis? Do you just check
> Lanyard or something?
> On 31 January 2012 12:41, Nicholas H.Tollervey <ntoll at ntoll.org 
> <mailto:ntoll at ntoll.org>> wrote:
> Hi Ed,
> <snip>
>> Still early days. The one thing I don't want to do is step on
>> the toes of the existing dojo. So please, if you feel this is the
>> case let me know and we can work something out. Maybe the  python
>> dojo stays as it is and we concentrate on a Python hackathon on
>> the weekend (which I really like the idea of).
> Absolutely no toes stepped upon at all! :-)
> The more Python / dev related events we have in London the better.
> The important thing is to coordinate (we've had double bookings
> before) and that we build upon the energy these efforts generate.
> I too like the idea of a hackathon - a lot more scope for
> extensive things to happen. The dojo is all about learning and
> extending your skills by practising using a specific problem
> whereas a hackathon is all about producing *something* useful in a
> particular problem domain ("Living in London", "Hack the NHS"
> etc...)
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