[python-uk] saturday london python dojos?

Ed Stafford walter.stafford at carbonsixty.co.uk
Tue Jan 31 14:38:28 CET 2012

A Python Sprint is a fantastic idea as well.

I've double checked our facilities and we can easily accomodate 35 in the
theater and can squeeze in another 7 chairs up front (might be a little
cramped though) and there's a little bit of standing room off the side.

I think 40-45 people would be the max unless presentations are short and
some people don't mind standing. If that's the case we could fit maybe 50
or so. There's plenty of space in the conference rooms and breakout areas
(couches and various chairs).

On 31 January 2012 13:32, Richard Nienaber <rjnienaber at gmail.com> wrote:

> Actually, rather than run a dojo (which is quite a focussed affair)
>> why not run a hackathon? Self selecting teams can coalesce around a
>> problem area rather than specific problem and have 6 hours to produce
>> something before a show-and-tell. For example, running a hackathon
>> around the subject of "Living in London" (I'm making this up as I go
>> along, can't you tell..?) might produce tools for grabbing data, quick
>> and lightweight websites, data-analysis tools, cloud based APIs to
>> aggregate information or single use applications such as something
>> that sends you a text message if it's going to rain in London in the
>> next 24 hours... and so on.
> I'd love to participate in a hackathon. Another idea is putting together a
> PSF sanctioned python sprint <http://pythonsprints.com/>. These are
> sprints that would be for the benefit of the wider python community e.g.
>    - Python Core work, e.g, bug triage, documentation
>    - Porting libraries/applications to Python 3
>    - PyPI and packaging related improvements
>    - Contribution to Python VMs, e.g., PyPy, IronPython
>    - Contribution to other Python projects, e.g., Django, PIL, pywin32
>    and so on...
> The PSF are also willing to help out with costs if your application is
> accepted.
> Richard
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