[python-uk] saturday london python dojos?

Javier Llopis javier at correo.com
Tue Jan 31 14:51:27 CET 2012

While all are very good ideas, there is still clearly a need for a second
London python dojo since tickets fly in just a few hours after the

Just a thought


> Ed, it sounds great. I think it would be very good to
> host a different Python session in London, perhaps in
> the other half of the month from the Dojo, and that
> it be a weekend will obviously allow some people to
> come who couldn't come otherwise -- just as the
> reverse is true for our Thursday Dojos.
> As Nicholas says, we tend to coordinate simply through
> the python-uk mailing list (ie this one) with tweets
> and any other means people wish to use. I don't think
> we're on Lanyard altho' I could be wrong.
> The size you're talking about is probably about as big
> as you really want before the thing moves into being
> a conference. Just in curiosity, would it be possible
> for you to post a photo of your presentation space?
> I second the suggestion for a sprint, at least as one
> way of making use of the session. I'm fairly sure that
> the PSF sprinters are particularly keen on Python3-porting
> sprints.
> For my own part, I'd like to be able to come. I'm in West
> London, but I run a boys' club on Saturdays and Sunday is
> the only free space I get :) Have to see... Thanks again
> for offering the space. Let's see if we can get something
> going.
> On 31/01/2012 13:38, Ed Stafford wrote:
>> A Python Sprint is a fantastic idea as well.
>> I've double checked our facilities and we can easily accomodate 35 in
>> the theater and can squeeze in another 7 chairs up front (might be a
>> little cramped though) and there's a little bit of standing room off the
>> side.
>> I think 40-45 people would be the max unless presentations are short and
>> some people don't mind standing. If that's the case we could fit maybe
>> 50 or so. There's plenty of space in the conference rooms and breakout
>> areas (couches and various chairs).
>> On 31 January 2012 13:32, Richard Nienaber <rjnienaber at gmail.com
>> <mailto:rjnienaber at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>         Actually, rather than run a dojo (which is quite a focussed
>> affair)
>>         why not run a hackathon? Self selecting teams can coalesce
>> around a
>>         problem area rather than specific problem and have 6 hours to
>>         produce
>>         something before a show-and-tell. For example, running a
>> hackathon
>>         around the subject of "Living in London" (I'm making this up as
>> I go
>>         along, can't you tell..?) might produce tools for grabbing data,
>>         quick
>>         and lightweight websites, data-analysis tools, cloud based APIs
>> to
>>         aggregate information or single use applications such as
>> something
>>         that sends you a text message if it's going to rain in London in
>> the
>>         next 24 hours... and so on.
>>     I'd love to participate in a hackathon. Another idea is putting
>>     together a PSF sanctioned python sprint <http://pythonsprints.com/>.
>>     These are sprints that would be for the benefit of the wider python
>>     community e.g.
>>       * Python Core work, e.g, bug triage, documentation
>>       * Porting libraries/applications to Python 3
>>       * PyPI and packaging related improvements
>>       * Contribution to Python VMs, e.g., PyPy, IronPython
>>       * Contribution to other Python projects, e.g., Django, PIL,
>>         pywin32 and so on...
>>     The PSF are also willing to help out with costs if your application
>>     is accepted.
>>     Richard
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