[python-uk] unto this last - python developer job

Pierre Schmidt pierre.schmidt at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 20:19:15 CET 2012


at Unto This Last we believe that technology can help the local
craftsman compete with IKEA. We are a furniture workshop based in
London, we design, make and sell furniture from our shop and workshop
in Brick lane, E2, at prices you can afford.

We have developed software using Python in order to support our
production system and use our main tool, a computer controlled cutting
machine. Over 10 years we have developed a unique technology that
allows us to make each piece of furniture, one by one at the price of
mass-production. Our aim is to develop this software into a package
that will enable other workshops to manufacture furniture on-demand on
high streets across the UK. To do this, we need to upgrade to a
reliable, network enabled system. Our vision is a web application
where customers and franchisees can access hundreds of products,
customise them, and send a digital file to their local Unto This Last
workshop: a "Digital Craftsman Operating System".

We were one of the winners of the Technology Strategy Board “Tech City
Launchpad” competition. We are recruiting a python programmer for a 7
months project, January to July 2013, working full-time from our
workshop in Brick lane, E2, in a team of 3. The core technology we are
using is Python, using the QT and Django frameworks.

If you are interested, please contact us or drop by our workshop to discuss.

Thank you,


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