[python-uk] Passionate hackers wanted at Tangent Labs, London

David Winterbottom david.winterbottom at tangentlabs.co.uk
Fri Apr 19 11:36:13 CEST 2013

Hello everyone, another recruitment email here.

I work at Tangent Labs, the technical department of TangentSnowball, an
agency on Great Portland Street.  We have a team of around 25 developers
doing mainly Python and Django.  I reckon we have one of the largest teams
of Django developers in London.  If you have attended DJUGL or the London
Python Dojo, you'll have met Tangent developers.

Anyway, we have lots of impending projects and are looking for 3 more
developers to join.  We're looking for permanent employees to work in our
London office.

Our typical stack is Django with Postgres, Celery, RabbitMQ and Solr.  We
also use Mongo, ZeroMQ, Redis etc where appropriate.

Our clients (if you care about this kind of thing) include the Labour
party, SAP, Tata, Carlsberg, PepsiCo.

We use Github and open-source lots of our stuff.

We maintain django-oscar, a BSD-licensed e-commerce framework for Django:

There's a more details description on Hacker Jobs UK if you're interested:

Email recruitment at tangentlabs.co.uk if you want to apply or have any

*David Winterbottom*
Head of Programming

Tangent Labs
84-86 Great Portland Street
London W1W 7NR
England, UK
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