[python-uk] Next London Pyramid Meetup - Tuesday 3rd September

Rachid Belaid rachid.belaid at gmail.com
Wed Aug 28 16:21:01 CEST 2013


After a great summer holiday, it's time to restart the London Pyramid
meetup, and share what we have learned over this break.


The talks should be accessible for newcomers. Feel free to come with
questions or problems of all levels which we'll endeavour to answer.

We are still looking for at least one second talk, if anybody wants to
present something. Let me know. The talk can be about sharing something you
have done in pyramid.

Otherwise we can do a big session on Auth's using different combination of
url dispatch, traversal, mixed … or more Q&A


- *Authorization and Authentication Policy* by Rach Belaid

"Attempt to bring some lights on how to use the powerful authentication and
authorization system provided by Pyramid"

-* 2nd Talk* by TBC

"To be defined, let u know as soon as it's"

There's no need to be already a pyramid user to join us. If you're
interested in this framework, need to get started or simply curious about
this framework you've never heard about then come join us.

*Pub after 8pm:*

The Slaughtered Lamb


Rach Belaid
Co-Founder of Lost Property
twitter: @rachbelaid
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