[python-uk] New group?

John Pinner funthyme at gmail.com
Tue Dec 3 19:06:51 CET 2013

Hey ho,

On 3 December 2013 14:40, Tim Golden <mail at timgolden.me.uk> wrote:
> On 02/12/2013 22:19, Mark Lawrence wrote:
>> I think I'm correct in saying that the nearest groups to me are London,
>> Brighton, Reading or Bristol, as I'm literally on the south coast on the
>> Dorset/Hampshire border.  If I'm right would there be any interest in
>> forming a local group based around Upstart Newtown aka Bournemouth or
>> maybe Southampton?
>> Failing that I could always start my own one man group.  As I live in
>> the district of Mudeford this would obviously have to be called MudPy or
>> MudePy :)
> I'm based in West London, so a regular meetup in Dorset is really a bit
> too far.

Ditto, but location.replace( 'Dorset', 'Brum' )

> But I'd be very happy to travel in that direction for a one-off
> or occasional drink or something, to meet other Hants/Dorset Pythonistas
> (or even just Mark).

As it happens, I'm working in Chichester this week, and could meet for
a chat and a pint, say on Thursday.

best wishes,


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