[python-uk] Robots from the Dojo

Harry Percival harry.percival at gmail.com
Sun Dec 8 14:26:19 CET 2013

For anyone that attended the London Python Dojo last week, here's the code
for all the robots:  https://github.com/hjwp/ldnpydojorobots

For anyone that didn't, check out http://robotgame.org/  (site is currently
down, sadly, but i'm sure will be back up soon).  It's a fun site where you
program a robot AI in Python, and then you can submit it for a deathmatch
of a team of your robots against someone else's...

(while trying to find info about why the site was down, i found out it has
its own subreddit.  cool.  http://www.reddit.com/r/robotgame)

(i accidentally the test kit. If anyone has a copy and wants to add it to
the repo, pull request away, then ppl can have a play even while the site
is down...)

*Oh, incidentally, I can't remember if I mentioned during the Dojo, but I'm
writing a book, it's nearing completion, and I'm just dying to get a few
more people to read it and suggest improvements before it ships off to be
printed.  More info at http://www.obeythetestinggoat.com
<http://www.obeythetestinggoat.com>.  There is, and always will be, a
complete, free, CC-licensed version available.*

Harry J.W. Percival
Twitter: @hjwp
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