[python-uk] Python Trademark at Risk in Europe

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Fri Feb 15 10:08:14 CET 2013


I'll attempt to muster all my righteous indignation and write a letter
this weekend - also happy to contribute some money for lawyers.  If
anyone needs a 'Mr. Angry' to go and testify anywhere I would be happy

Just a thought - surely the long track record of EuroPython
conferences must count for a lot within the EU?

I can probably work in the following...
- first person organising Python community technical meetings in
London, back to 1996
- (co) author of a book with Python in the title in 2000 - OK, it was
published by O'Reilly but it was promoted and on sale here
- first company based entirely on Python software, 2000 onwards,
evangelising the use of the language in UK etc etc
- 'chaired' UK Python Conference (albeit as a track somewhat under the
radar within the ACCU, but I can downplay) for about 5 years from 2002

Andy Robinson

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