[python-uk] The perils of reply-to

Oliver Hilton Oliver.Hilton at uktv.co.uk
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Before this descends into an eternal and excruciatingly dull back and forth on the merits of different email clients, operating systems, deities etc.. all of which boil down to personal preference (yes despite the fact your own personal opinion is clearly the only valid one) can we just run a web vote somewhere if required and stick to that.  Ta!

Oli (who is not really bothered either way)

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You could click the "UK Python Users" address to delete that, then copy and paste the email address from the original email.
Reply should do what it always does, which is reply to the person who sent the email.

On 3 January 2013 15:57, meitham <m at meitham.com<mailto:m at meitham.com>> wrote:
> No. Reply-to-list is almost never correct. There is even less excuse
> than usual (which would be almost none) on a "technical" list.
I can't get the new gmail web interface to reply to individual instead
of replying to list, not without composing a new email from scratch.

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