[python-uk] The perils of reply-to

xtian xtian at babbageclunk.com
Thu Jan 3 19:35:54 CET 2013

Amusingly, you've replied to the wrong person - meitham was the one
complaining about the gmail interface.
I hope you don't mind me cc-ing the list, because it kind of illustrates my
point. ;)

I sent my initial message from a client that had both reply and reply-all
buttons side-by-side, so when beginning my reply I made a decision about
where it should go. Except the reply-to settings on the list meant that
both buttons actually do the same thing. That seems unnecessarily confusing
- nothing to do with correctness.

Similarly, due to those settings, when Walter wanted to send a private
(even though perfectly polite) message to meitham, he accidentally sent it
to me instead.

Anyway, like Oli said, this isn't the kind of thing where people are likely
to change their minds. And it's really not a big deal either way. I guess I
just won't laugh so hard at the next recruiter who does it. And maybe
that's a worthwhile lesson right there. Aren't we all people? Don't we all
love, and die, and eat, and poop?

I love you guys.

On 3 January 2013 16:58, Walter Prins <wprins at gmail.com> wrote:

> Just use the little drop down next to the arrow left top of the mail,
> select "Replay all, <username>" (second menu option) then click the <x> on
> the list address to remove it if desired.
> (Sent from gmail via this method.)
> Cheers,
> Walter
> On 3 January 2013 15:57, meitham <m at meitham.com> wrote:
>> > No. Reply-to-list is almost never correct. There is even less excuse
>> > than usual (which would be almost none) on a "technical" list.
>> +1
>> I can't get the new gmail web interface to reply to individual instead
>> of replying to list, not without composing a new email from scratch.
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