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> Thank you for the nice evening guys :)
> It was amazing to meet you all and to try to learn something new.
> I have a suggestion for the next time. Maybe it's just me that I'm a
> newbie... I don't know...but... I would suggest to split us in
> groups/projects with this target: experts, intermediate, basic. This
> will allow new people to partecipate and maybe people like me to code
> something.
> This was my second Dojo I attended and even this time I didn't feel at
> the level of coding the proposed problem. After a while it can be
> boring :P
> Why don't we try to bring also intermediate and basic problems to
> solve so that people at any level can try coding something?
> Looking forward to meet you all next time!
In my opinion in general the way we work at the dojo is not exactly what a
coding dojo is supposed to be..
If you look here for example:
You'll see that all the problems are very simple, but they all stress a
different area/skills.

The fact that we are working on complex problems means that everyone is
rushing and only using techniques that *he/she already knows*, because
that's the only way to get something done.

The other thing I don't like so much is the size of the groups, it's hard
collaborate in 4/5 people leaving everyone involved, and we waste a lot of
time understanding how to split the task and how to merge the things

Another thing which they do in another dojo is split in three phases, and
everytime solve again *the same problem* (maybe with different constraints)
but working in couples and changing couples every time..

Working in couples of course means more to show at the show & tell, but if
we limit it to 3 minutes each for example it's fine anyway, and everyone
gets some feedback from other fellow programmers about his/her result.

So to summarize my proposal in general would be:
- easier/shorter problems focusing on a specific skill (or adding
constraints like "minimize side effects" for example)
- smaller groups of 2 or max 3 people
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