[python-uk] The London Python Dojo is this Thursday

Tim Golden mail at timgolden.me.uk
Sun Jul 14 15:12:24 CEST 2013

On 14/07/2013 11:48, andrea crotti wrote:
> In my opinion in general the way we work at the dojo is not exactly what
> a coding dojo is supposed to be..

As organisers, we're aware that this is the case. We started off more or 
less attempting to follow the classical Dojo pattern but very quickly 
branched off into pretty much the way we do things now. We still call it 
a Dojo but it's not what other people think of as such.

[... eliding worthwhile points you're making because I'm in a hurry ...]

As I mentioned before, I'll try to get the Dojo team together in person 
or virtually over the summer to take on peoples comments and ideas. I've 
not seen anything suggested in this thread which is ridiculous. At the 
same time, even if we change things around, I can't see us creating an 
amalgam of everyone's ideas. Someone's going to find it suboptimal in 
some way. At which point they'll either keep coming and make the most, 
or perhaps start an alternative venture -- which can only be welcome; 
the more Python initiatives the better -- perhaps more to the liking of 
some people, or just stop getting involved.


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