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On 13 July 2013 13:58, Luis Visintini <lvisintini at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Perhaps it's too early for this, but I could not find a schedule this
> year's Pycon.

I'm assuming that you mean PyCon UK , as PyCon has been held already this
So to help avoid confusion, I've copied this to the pyconuk list.

> I would like to go, but I may want go only for saturday and sunday, so I
> would like to know what would I be missing.
> I heard that on Monday there will be sprints.
> I presume that the main events will take place in Saturday and Sunday. Is
> this correct?


> What about Friday?

Friday will have some talks and tutorials.

The schedule will be similar to 2012, but with more of an accent on the
Education track, on Saturday (teachers) and Sunday (teachers and pupils).

There is an outline schedule on http://pyconuk.org, and as talks are
submitted and accepted, the schedule will be developed and refined on the
wiki. As usual, there are likely to be last minute speaker cancellations
and additions, so the final schedule will likely not be settled until the
conference itself.

Best wishes,


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