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Dear All,

We have read the below with great amusement and concede that the usage of exponential in this context may not have been entirely palatable to all.

While we endeavour to uphold the accuracy of our vocabulary, some of you will align yourselves with the more traditional (and arguably, accurate) usage of exponential around mathematical academia and proscribe the extended usage as simply 'rapid growth'.

In the spirit of compensation, we would like to invite you to take part in our technical test. Should you be successful, you will be offered a free interview and a chance to join our rapidly growing technology department!

Should you wish to accept this quest, please drop me a line for details of the test.


PS - with any luck one day Hogarth may indeed employee everyone on earth!

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Excellent nitpick Jonathan!  Shame you accidentally a word, which weakened your monocle-adjusting second sentence somewhat.

I wonder if we can estimate how soon Hogarth Worldwide will be employing everyone on earth? We have some data points:
- growing exponentially
- 2008: 14 people
- 2013: 700 people

We probably need a third data point to fit a curve though... Hey, Ben, do you know how many employees they had in 2010?

On 16 July 2013 13:00, Jonathan Hartley <tartley at tartley.com<mailto:tartley at tartley.com>> wrote:
> exponentially

Really? With respect to time? So they only want a small number of new people to begin with, but will want a rapidly number towards the end of the project? How curious.

    Pedant / Smartarse

On 16/07/13 11:03, Ben Curwood wrote:
Morning All,

Hogarth Worldwide is growing its already-sizeable development department exponentially. Our London office is currently based near Farringdon, but soon to be moving to a brand-new facility in Soho.

If you are looking to work in an environment that uses the very best agile practices, the very best technologies and in the very best way possible, then please get in touch. Hogarth's Tech department has a fantastic working environment with a large team of similar individuals who are passionate about what we create.

If you would like to hear more, please refer to the open positions below:

Lead Developers/Application Architects
Senior Python/Django Developers
Python/Django Developers
QA Engineers (Manual/Automation, with Python)
(Freelance) Python/Django Developers

We offer competitive salaries and rates, great company benefits and excellent career progression.

Hogarth is a global advertising implementation agency that has developed enterprise-scale, class-leading applications for the advertising industry and beyond. Since we opened our doors in 2008 with 14 founders, we have grown to over 700 employees and continue to grow at the same rate.

Please drop me a line with your details for more information.


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