[python-uk] The PyPy London Sprint 2013-08-26 – 2013-09-01

Richard Nienaber rjnienaber at gmail.com
Tue Jul 30 21:04:51 CEST 2013

Hi all

I got a mail in my inbox today about the PyPy London

The PyPy development team are coming to London 2013-08-26 – 2013-09-01, for
> a seven day sprint. This is a public sprint so anyone is welcome. They need
> people to write tests and define the way PyPy evolves as well as people who
> know RPython. I am interested in PyPy's Python 3 compliance, the STM
> implementation to remove the infamous GIL, and NumPy support (to handle
> serious computation and all that financial Python stuff), so I will be
> trying to get to as much of it as I can.
> If you are in London (it's being held at KCL on Strand), and can spare
> some time to help create the future of Python, please come along.

I can't remember hearing about it through this list so I thought other
people might be interested. More information can be found on their blog:

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