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On Tue, 2013-06-11 at 12:48 +0000, Fadhley, Salim wrote:
> The company I work for (Bank of America) is looking to become a more
> active member of the Python community. Those of you who attended this
> month's Python Dojo at our Canary Wharf offices will have seen our
> first efforts at giving-back to Python.

I think it is great that an for-profit organization that has Python at
the centre of its computing strategy is willing and wanting to "give
back" into the community of the FOSS platform it is using. I just wish
some more of the for-profit organization using Python as a strategic
resource took the same view. (OK banks other than BAML, I know who you

> A manager has asked me to report back with some ideas about other
> things we might do, for example we might host meet-ups, help fund
> Python Foundation initiatives, sponsor conferences or important
> open-source projects.
> At the moment I'm just trying to generate some ideas that will be
> presented to our management next week. There's no requirement other
> than the project should be beneficial to or help grow the Python
> community.
> All suggestions welcome!

As ever, I pitch the PyPy Python 3 project as something well worthy of
contributing cash or RPython programming time to, and also the PyPy STM
project. Getting PyPy Python 3 compliant and removing its GIL are, for
me, the joint Number 1 things in the Python universe to get support for.

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