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I found these Python koans, a port of a similar project in Ruby, useful in
finding out the basics of Python for the first time. You edit the code to
make the tests pass and it teaches you syntax etc on the way. Doesn't take
too long to work through.



James Browne
On Wednesday, 26 June 2013, Andy Robinson wrote:

> I have learned a surprising amount on the beach over the years.
> Usually I muddle through some technology during the rest of the year
> picking up bits and pieces, then read a book end to end on the beach
> and actually have time to grasp the fundamentals and a lot of best
> practices, and I think "why didn't I do that sooner?".
> I would suggest
> 1. Read the official Python tutorial.   It's as good as many books, and
> free.
> 2. Google's Python class.  A few hours of structured exercises, gets
> you doing something.
> 3. Set yourself a problem or project using a popular library.    If
> you're interested in web development, you might want to work through
> the Django tutorial.   If you deal with servers, write something to
> parse log files and do some interesting stats.  If you just want
> Python on your CV, use ReportLab's library to generate a CV in PDF.
> You will probably be over the hump in a very small number of evenings.
> On 26 June 2013 13:34, Tim Diggins <tim at red56.co.uk <javascript:;>> wrote:
> >>
> >> However, is fancy book learning the best method to learn?
> >>
> > only recommended method if learning in the bath / on the beach ;-)
> >
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