[python-uk] Next Python Sheffield meeting March 26th

Daley Chetwynd d_chetwynd at fastmail.co.uk
Sun Mar 24 22:32:10 CET 2013

Hi all,

The next Python Sheffield meeting is on Tuesday March 26th from 18:30 -
20:30 in conference room 2 at The Workstation. The Workstation is
located opposite Sheffield train station and behind the Showroom cinema:


This month is a coding session on dealing with legacy code. I've
obtained an example of messy legacy Python code with no tests, so we're
going to spend the two hours working in pairs to firstly understand what
this code is actually doing, then safely refactor it to something
cleaner whilst adding tests. Bring along a laptop with Python installed,
either Python 2 or Python 3.

No registration is required for this event and attendance is free. We're
always looking for future speakers, so if you'd like to talk on anything
Python-related and fancy a trip over to Sheffield, please get in touch.
To find out more, follow @pysheff on Twitter or see the Google group:




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