[python-uk] copyright info in source

John Lee jjl at pobox.com
Tue Sep 10 21:07:18 CEST 2013

On Tue, 10 Sep 2013, Andy Robinson wrote:

> On 9 September 2013 19:53, Russel Winder <russel at winder.org.uk> wrote:
>> The licence statement has to be in each and every individual file since
>> in UK and USA law each file is deemed a separate work.
> Russel, thanks.  That's interesting.
> The practical issue is "how not to forget over time".  A test in a
> test suite, or a hook in a setup /release script which walks the files
> and warns you would be very useful for anyone who has to do this.   We
> used to have a subversion commit hook once upon a time, but DVCS made
> it trickier.

I've seen it done in a special "coding style test suite" (that gets run 
along with all the other tests).  Slightly nicer than a push hook IMO 
because you see it earlier and because it works the same way as all your 
other automated tests of your code.  There was a bit of special code so 
that you got one failure per coding style violation I think (including one 
per missing copyright statement), but those are bonus points.

Maybe somebody has written a test runner plugin that does that?  My quick 
searches didn't turn one up, though there is this, which could easily be 
adapted (not a plugin, and looks like it wants to be)



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