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Cool idea. But have used up my brownie points for this month.
:'( enjoy.
 its excelent was there for the whole weekend last year.

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Hi all,

A few of us had a discussion at PyconUK about doing a trip to
Bletchley Park and the The National Museum of Computing.

Saturday, 19 Oct seemed to be the best option. Londoners could meet at
Euston Station and others could make their own way.

In terms of timing:

- Bletchley Park is open from 9.30am to 5.00pm
- The Museum of Computing is "Fully open 1-5pm; Colossus and Tunny
Galleries open all day"

So we could meet at say 10am and get the train there, potentially
using this national rail 2 for 1 offer:

More info:

So put it in your calendar and I'll email again a week before with
specific meeting times etc.


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