[python-uk] Wazoku is hiring

andrea crotti andrea.crotti.0 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 13:33:04 CET 2014

We at Wazoku (http://www.wazoku.com/) are hiring!

Here below the job description, please contact us if you're interested!

**Job Description**:

We are looking for a passionate developer that is looking for an
opportunity to practice his/her Python black magic to join an
awesome London startup.


* You have experience developing web applications and can share examples
* You are comfortable working with a large variety of APIs
* You can make the fast faster!
* You are interested in NoSQL (we work with CouchDB) and PostgreSQL
* You can work well in a team
* You are confident with agile methodologies and TDD, and you feel the
need to constantly improve yourself and write the most beautiful and
idiomatic code as possible
* Bonus points if you’re confident with distributed SCM (we are on
github), Linux, like to use the command line and Emacs/sublimetext/Vim
* You understand that working at a start-up is very different from a 9
to 5, it is exceptionally rewarding but requires working odd and long
hours at times

**About the company**

At Wazoku, we’re all about great ideas. In fact, Wazoku means great
idea in Swahili. We believe in the power of capturing and developing
good ideas and have developed easy to use idea software and innovation
management tools for your business.

**What Python is used for**:

We use Python wherever possible, with Django, couchdbkit and many
other awesome libraries.

**Contact Info:**

* **Contact**: Rosemarie Diegnan
* **E-mail contact**: jobs at wazoku.com
* **Web**: http://www.wazoku.com/about/jobs/
* **No telecommuting**

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