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Robert Hardy robbert at gmail.com
Mon Jan 6 11:03:33 CET 2014

Dear All,
We are looking for Python developers to join our team.
The below description of the role is available as a PDF at
Best wishes,
Robert Hardy

LinkedIn profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/roberthardyuk

Job description
PrismFP is an investment-fund consultant based in central London (near
Marylebone station) that is putting in place ground-breaking ideas for
global markets and asset management.

PrismFP is the result of many combined years of experience at senior levels
in the finance industry. Our clients and backers are some of the biggest
names in the industry (

We deal with Big Data and Complex Systems, and your job will be to develop
technology that helps us across all aspects of the business: from data
analysis, visualization and mathematical modelling through to innovative
interaction interfaces.

At PrismFP you will be part of a tech team that works alongside colleagues
from the markets and
research side and you will be directly exposed to all those interesting
thought processes and analysis that are involved in looking at global
financial markets and macroeconomics. You will be taking those ideas and
will be creating the technology that amplifies their impact and

Skills & Requirements
Aside from the specific tech requirements listed below, we need imaginative
people who enjoy the
challenge of creating high-quality software for data analysis.

If open-ended questions irritate you (rather than inspire you) then this is
not the role for you.

We use open source software wherever possible, and are looking for
communicative coders that
-- experience with Python as a core language,
-- experience with large databases: modelling, security and maintenance,
-- experience with the likes of Pandas, matplotlib and similar tools for
data analysis and visualization,
-- experience with web-based applications (front- and back-end).

Experience with large C++ libraries would be an advantage.

To apply
Please send your CV to robert at prismfp dot com.
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