[python-uk] Next London Python Code Dojo - 3rd June at Hogarth in Soho

Tom Viner tom at viner.tv
Mon Jul 7 00:02:48 CEST 2014

Thanks to all who came along to Hogarth for the London Dojo last week.
Here's some more details about what we got up to:

We started with a talk by Mark Needham and Nigel Small about Neo4j and it's
Python library py2neo. They showed us some advantages of graph databases,
some cypher queries for extracting data and in his example a graph of data
about the show 24. Mark asked me to remind people of the link to the
repository for the Neo4j Python 24 Hackathon:

Our main event was group coding and the task voted in was "3 letter word
game" sort of like the mastermind game, but a 3 letter dictionary word is
selected, and the only feedback you get on your guesses is just "number of
characters correct and in the right place". It was a good choice of task,
as it's simplicity allowed time for people to start thinking about making
an AI to play the game. And since we've done a better-than-normal job of
corralling the teams' efforts into a git repository this time... for your
viewing pleasure: https://github.com/ldnpydojo/3-letter-word - do bare in
mind we only had an hour, although some of us couldn't resist a little post
dojo tinkering...

August is our month off at the Dojo, but I must remind you to sign up for
the UK's Python event of the year: http://pyconuk.org/ It's proper fun and
you'll learn loads too. It's over this long weekend: 19th - 22nd September.

Finally, since I was too shy to mention it on the night: we (Hogarth) are
hiring. If you fancy working with some of the most impressive Python devs
I've met, come join us. Drop me a line for details, although beware:
hitting reply to this email doesn't do what you think it does, a lesson
certain people won't forget... ;-)

Tom - @tomviner - @ldnpydojo


On 26 June 2014 10:46, Alistair Broomhead <alistair.broomhead at gmail.com>

> What:
> The London Python Code Dojo
> Where:
> The offices of Hogarth in Soho
> When:
> Thursday 3rd of July at 6:30pm until 10pm (ish)
> How:
> Turn up, enjoy Hogarth's amazing hospitality, watch some lightning talks,
> code on an interesting problem, SHOW AND TELL!!! then a trip to the
> pub.
> Who:
> You, YES YOU!!! It's fun!
> Sign up & details here:
> https://ldnpydojo.eventwax.com/london-python-code-dojo-season-5-episode-12
> Be quick, there are a limited number of tickets and they tend to get
> snaffled up quickly (although the phantom tickets bug has been resolved).
> Any volunteers for a lightning talk..? Ping me an email.
> Thanks to Hogarth for their continued support of the UK's Python community.
> See you there,
> Al (and the rest of the cat herders).
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