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Nicholas H.Tollervey ntoll at ntoll.org
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My first experience with Python was a course run by some bearded bloke
called "PINNER" (or something like that) at PyconUK. He was great. I'd
hire him if you can track him down. ;-)

(The reason John was so great was because he was quite willing to
throw the "materials" out the window and answer dumb-ass questions
from numpty's like me.)

I'd also send as many people to PyconUK too - you can book here:
http://pyconuk.org/ :-)

It's a serious point about PyconUK - being around Pythonistas is a
great way to learn in an informal and relaxed situation, find out
where to get help and who to ask online as well as get the skinny on
tools, libraries and other stuff that experienced developers use. It's
also a learner directed educational situation which, in my experience
as a teacher, is preferable to a brain-dump chalk-and-talk type affair
where you start at exercise one and just keep going until the end.

To be honest, having experienced several taught courses for several
different languages with trainers of vastly different levels of
educational awareness and aptitude I have my doubts about the efficacy
of such things for getting developers up to speed. Although I realise
"send him where Pythonistas congregate" is probably not management
friendly advice your guy sounds like he'd flourish if prodded in the
right direction rather than sat in a classroom and given exercises and
whatnot to do.

Hope this helps,


On 14/07/14 20:19, Tony Ibbs wrote:
> A colleague at work has asked me if I know of any good Python 
> training courses.
> He's got some C++ and Python experience (he knows about classes
> and inheritance, seems to be competent with dictionaries, I'd say
> he's beyond beginner in Python, although I'm not sure if he'd
> agree), and has potential approval from his boss to go on a
> training course if he can find one.
> We're based in Cambridge, so London is also a sensible option.
> We had a quick look at the python.org wiki page on training (it
> has Russell Winder and Michael Foord listed - I thought Michael was
> doing something else now?). Enthought clearly have a local office,
> but their offerings are all scientific Python oriented, which
> isn't really appropriate. I don't know anything about any of the
> other companies listed there as offering training.
> I *think* an existing course would be more useful than something
> done in-house specifically for us, since I don't know if there'd be
> more than one person interested (mind, I haven't asked yet).
> So, any suggestions/recommendations would be gratefully received,
> on or off list.
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