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On 18/07/14 11:07, Tom Dunham wrote:
> Hi Nicholas, I don't suppose there's an initiative like "pyladies
> for pycon" for pycon UK? I ask because my employer thinks that our
> engineering teams would benefit from being more diverse (fwiw I
> agree), and if there was something like this I might be able to
> shake some money loose.
> I'll ask about general sponsorship too.
> Cheers, Tom

Hi Tom,

Here's what's happening regarding diversity at PyconUK.

1) We have (and have had for a number of years) a statement on
diversity and conduct: http://pyconuk.net/CodeOfConduct

2) For our kids day in the education track we specifically targeted
groups that would encourage girls to turn up. All 70 tickets have sold
out and I'm pleased to say that we have a 3:2 ratio of girls over boys
attending as a result.

3) I believe (although Peter Inglesby will be able to confirm this)
that the London "chapter" of PyLadies will be attending PyconUK.

4) One of our keynote speakers is Jessica McKellar - a PSF director
and well known founding member of PyLadies. Her keynote will be on the
subject of diversity.

5) We already have more female delegates than ever before attending
PyconUK (although we still don't have anywhere near as many as we'd like).

6) Diversity doesn't just refer to gender: with the education track
we're introducing a diversity of age and background (we have 70 kids
turning up on the Saturday and 40+ teachers turning up for the
conference too).

Of course, there's probably more that we could do but this is an
entirely volunteer led affair and there's only so much time in the
day. This is why having sponsorship is so important: being able to pay
for someone to do things rather than having to do stuff ourselves.
Sponsorship also keeps the price of the tickets down and allows us to
offer reduced rates or free tickets to attendees who would otherwise
not be able to afford to attend.

If this commitment to diversity from PyconUK impresses your employer
and they'd like to make a contribution then please do get in touch.
Also, if you're hiring, you won't find a more diverse group of
Pythonistas than those who attend PyconUK. Sponsorship is a great way
to make a good impression (see my original email).


Please feel free to quote any or all of the above to whoever holds the
purse strings. As always, more than happy to answer questions.

Best wishes,

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