[python-uk] Python under Plesk control panel

DL Neil pyuk at getaroundtoit.co.uk
Mon Mar 3 23:31:45 CET 2014

Have you managed to persuade Plesk to manage a Python-controlled web 
site? Pray tell...

I'm (trying to) teach myself to extend Python into the web environment. 
(yes I know, it's at least five years since Tim Golden spoke to us about 
BeautifulSoup and I listed 'Python-web' as a to-learn topic - even if 
that was client-side. Sorry, some of us are 'slow learners'!).

Hence stepping out of my usual (PM) rôle, have drafted a basic 
'brochure-ware' web site, with Python handling a simple form or two but 
mostly managing page headers, menus, etc, templates.

Running on my own/local Apache dev.svr I had no problems - but the 
back-slapping was premature...

Attempting to migrate to the client's existing Plesk-based host has been 
problematic (fortunately only prototype pages - I'm 'careful' if 
'slow'). A simple Python program can be called within the URL and will 
emit HTML. Persuading a handler to communicate an interface object, eg 
form values, seems to be the missing link... I can't figure-out a 
combination of svr.setting directives and .htaccess commands to enable 
mod_python, CGI, FastCGI, or WSGI (the latter evidently not even 
present) to work, despite the 'advertising'.

The web host apparently lacks Python expertise (I've even given them the 
vhost.confs which work on my server). The Parallels forums rarely even 
mention Python. My web-searching has revealed only the reassurance that 
I did things correctly locally - but don't seem to offer any (current) 
config information for Plesk domains (cf establishing the entire Plesk 
system as an ISP).

For other reasons, the client does not want to move all of her/their 
Internet presence just to suit my Python plans/dreams/fantasies...
(but I'd like to be stubborn about not renewing my PHP skills)


PS Michael Foord: I landed on your web site - a second-part article 
about CGI (IIRC) but the link to the first-part/configuration article no 
longer works.

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