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Mon Mar 10 12:37:04 CET 2014

Last week I posted about the appropriateness of posts about seeking


People thought it was okay so I posted in the depths of that thread.

I did not get slammed with responses and it's been suggested by a
few people who did respond that I should have started a new thread
rather than burying my post within the original thread. There's also
probably a thread worth having on optimizing these kinds of

So here, again, is my post. Sorry to those of you who have seen this
twice. It is also duplicated here:

Hi, I'm Chris and I'm looking for exciting new opportunities.

I've been doing contract web development in Python for the past six
years, primarily working with BT's Osmosoft group building TiddlyWeb and
TiddlySpace. Prior to that is another 18 or so years of development,
system administration and technical management experience.

This is mostly up to date and has a list of skills, experience:


If you're after a more in depth sense of my character the links to
projects and papers there should help, as well as a visit to the page
linked in my sig.

I've been taking a break since departing BT in December but keeping my
hand in by building a wiki-like web service called Tank:


>From those links you'll see that I'm more of an architecture and backend
guy than elegant frontend guy. I am facile with the tools on the
frontend but the results _look_ dubious.

I prefer contracts and telecommuting, especially for organisations
located in London. I'm happy to do the occasional visit but regular
trips to London make me ill[1]. I have extensive experience working
remote: I have not had a regular office or desk since 2000 and spent a
few years in a startup where the entire dev team was distributed.

I'm physically located in West Berkshire until the end of this coming
summer whereupon I plan to go into Devon or Cornwall to be closer to
the sea.

The ideal position for me would involve partnering with a group that
is used to remote and is building something for the web that real
people will use to do the things they want or need to do, better
(i.e. not just buy something). The group likes Python but uses a
diversity of technologies and is more likely to glue together the best
pieces for a solution than be wed to a specific framework.

I'm a coder and an analyst but like to think of myself as a problem
solver. My vocation is improving collaboration, especially
collaboration between people who are not in the same place. I have
experience with technical team management and been told I've been a
good mentor. A colleague once said my superpower is knowing the right
thing to do.

I've decided to post here because while it is clear there are plenty
of opportunities out there good matches are hard to find. If you are
part of a group that could make good use of me, I'd love to hear from

Thanks very much.

[1] Sadly, this is not a joke.

Chris Dent                                   http://burningchrome.com/

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