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Hope this is not off-topic! Reply to Matt Waldram directly (email below) if


Planet Labs are looking for a DevOps engineer to join a small team in an
exciting venture. The role is very similar to that advertised here
here<https://planetlabs.recruiterbox.com/jobs/31569/> (copied
below), but will be based with a small team in the UK. Interested
candidates can contact myself with a CV or can apply directly through the
recruiterbox link above.

Matt Waldram
matthew.waldram at planet.com

The Company
Planet Labs are a space and analytics company; we design build and operate
satellites, and analyze and provide services with the data we retrieve from
them. We're always looking for great people to join our team.

At Planet Labs, we seek to advance the state-of-the-art in space and
computer science by applying new innovations and inventing new technology
where necessary. We have a diverse research and technical staff. It is a
small team, and a collaborative and creative atmosphere.

We have a big mission and we seek highly performing and accountable people
who care deeply about making a positive impact on the world.

The Role
At Planet Labs, we own and operate the largest constellation of
Earth-imaging satellites in history. In the DevOps position, you will play
a key part both in the development of Mission Control and in the actual
operation of satellites. You'll train by flying what we've already launched
and then you'll write code to make the process more automated and robust.
Sound fun? Let's go!

The must-haves:
Lots of experience with heavy scripting and/or application development in
Python and Javascript
Experience with MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Oracle.
Demonstrated ability to pick up new software, frameworks and API’s
Demonstrated ability to be a self-starter
Experience working on an Agile/TDD project

The nice-to-haves:
Python guru
Web development guru (Django, JavaScript, JQuery, CoffeeScript, SQL)
Advanced degree, multiple degrees, or independent contracting work.
Experience acting as a technical lead, mentoring other engineers, teaching,
Experience or education in aerospace.
A public portfolio, such as contributions to open-source software or
websites you've designed

 Plus experience with any of the following:
Open-source monitoring solutions (Nagios, Ganglia, Sensu, Graphite,
Open-source logging solutions (Logster, Logstash, ...).
Non-relational databases and key-value stores (MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra,
Riak, Redis, Memcached).
Source control (git, SVN).
Build automation systems (Jenkins)
Configuration management tools (Chef, Ansible, Puppet, Salt Stack)
Development on a mobile platform (Android)

Responsibilities are fluid -- we have several needs to fill and there's no
reason to box someone in. Here's a list of all the things we'd like to get
done. The more of these you would enjoy doing, the better:

Manage the continuous integration process across multiple code repositories
and multiple satellite designs.
Manage the release and rollback process of ground and satellite software.
Oversee the creation of a devops dashboard and alert system.
Work with the developers to ensure that what they create is developed with
operations in mind (logging, monitoring, telemetry output etc.).
Work with the developers to ensure that what they create is scalable.
Manage developer VMs and the onboarding of new engineers.
Create the tools necessary for coordinating a distributed Ops team around
the world.
Fly satellites!
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