[python-uk] Python devs wanted at "Made", Notting Hill

Jonathan Hartley tartley at tartley.com
Mon May 19 15:39:42 CEST 2014

Hey all,

We're recruiting! Permanent, office in Notting Hill, on site only, small 
flexibility in hours in times of need, but mostly sorta 8 till 5 or 
9:30-6:30 ish.

My employer is "Made" (http://made.com), a 4 year old, 100 person 
company, which commissions, imports, and retails swanky furniture for 
decent prices. The business model eliminates middlemen and aims to sell 
most items while they are on a ship which is just about to reach 
England, thus reducing lead times, transportation and warehousing costs.

My team is the 5-person Python "ERP" team. ERP stands for "Enterprise 
Resource Planning", and means the logistics of slogging parcels around 
between factories, warehouses, containers and customers. To do this, we 
use a popular framework called "Odoo" (was "OpenERP"), that feels a 
little like using Django in some ways.

You won't be working on our website, which is handled by a separate 10 
person PHP team who sits adjacently. They have impressed me with their 
professionalism and competence, but nevertheless we exchange 
good-natured broadsides from time to time to keep them in check.

There are some fun technical challenges that we're just beginning to get 
stuck into, a smashingly sane CTO and senior management, and the 
environment benefits (IMHO) from a Nathan-Barley-like army of youthful 
"creatives", downstairs, who do various product design and photo shoot 
kinds of work. It's all leggy folks draped over sofas (showroom is 
onsite) and "flowers for the model" on expenses, which brightens up both 
office life and company pub trips.

Hit me up if you're interested. Best regards,

     Jonathan Hartley

Jonathan Hartley    tartley at tartley.com    http://tartley.com
Made of meat.       +44 7737 062 225       twitter/skype: tartley

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