[python-uk] Summer Academy on Computational Modelling in June - registration open now.

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Hi Pythonistas,

the one-week workshop described below in Southampton is centered around Python in Science and Engineering (in particular for Computational Modelling and simulation, but also visualisation and [big] data processing).

Of particular interest for this community may be the course on IPython (Fernando Perez and his team will be delivering this), the course on Pandas and the course on Python based dolfin finite element library. Other courses, such as the VTK/Paraview course will teach scripting of VTK/Paraview from Python, and even the courses closer to hardware will use Python where possible (PyCUDA etc).

Places are subsidised for PhD students (at 25 pounds, full cost ~550 pounds). More details in summary and links below.

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Welcome to the NGCM Summer Academy

Welcome to the webpages of the Summer Academy<http://ngcm.soton.ac.uk/summer-academy> of the EPSRC<http://www.epsrc.ac.uk/> Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Next Generation Computational Modelling<http://ngcm.soton.ac.uk/>.

The inaugural NGCM Summer Academy will be held at the University of Southampton from Sunday, 21 June to Friday, 26 June 2015.

The NGCM Summer Academy is a one-week event bringing together PhD students from across the UK who work on computer simulation of science and engineering problems, and want to extend their training through the workshops available at the Summer Academy. The training is delivered by world-leading experts and key developers of the relevant software tools, and includes 3-day courses on IPython and the IPyton Notebook<http://ngcm.soton.ac.uk/summer-academy/ipython.html>, VTK and Paraview<http://ngcm.soton.ac.uk/summer-academy/vtkparaview.html>, and GPU programming using CUDA<http://ngcm.soton.ac.uk/summer-academy/nvidia.html>, and 2-day courses on the Pandas Python library for data handling<http://ngcm.soton.ac.uk/summer-academy/pandas.html>, Azure Cloud Computing<http://ngcm.soton.ac.uk/summer-academy/azure.html>, Programming the Intel Xeon Phi<http://ngcm.soton.ac.uk/summer-academy/intelphi.html> and Fenics and dolfin multiphysics finite element suite<http://ngcm.soton.ac.uk/summer-academy/fenics.html>

Prerequisites vary from course to course, but generally include at least some programming experience.

Prior to the main programme outlined above, we offer a course aimed at those just starting with computational work. This course provides a more basic introduction to Python, version control and testing<http://ngcm.soton.ac.uk/summer-academy/basics.html> and can be attended separately as a one-day event.

The NGCM summer school offers 50 subsidised spaces available to UK PhD students working with computational modelling.

General registration will open on 1 April 2015. There is a nominal attendance fee of £25 (or £5 for the one-day introductory course).

For further information please visit the Summer Academy’s webpage at http://ngcm.soton.ac.uk/summer-academy/, or register here<http://ngcm.soton.ac.uk/summer-academy/registration.html>.

Dr Susanne Ufermann
Centre Manager

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Next Generation Computational Modelling
Engineering and the Environment
Southampton Boldrewood Innovation Campus
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www: http://www.ngcm.soton.ac.uk<http://www.ngcm.soton.ac.uk/>
e: ngcm at soton.ac.uk<mailto:ngcm at soton.ac.uk>
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