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Jon Gould j.gould at austinfraser.com
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Thanks Anand,

There are some interesting points raised. I love that the Django community
has grown so much in recent years. Likewise the number of events happening
in London, each offering something different.

One thing that I have always encouraged at DJUGL if for speakers to promote
the fact that they are hiring especially as not everyone wants (or is able)
to pay recruitment fees. This even includes my own existing clients.

What purpose does DJUGL serve? great question. Would really be interested
to see what the community thinks?

As a long term sponsor, I inherited the running of DJUGL a 3 years or so
ago as various people's workloads increased as they pursued new ventures.
My own workload has increased (one of a few reason's the event hasn't
happened) recently, which is why I feel it would be useful for other people
to help out to keep it relevant.

One thing that I am able to offer is a good knowledge of people working on
interesting Python/Django projects and find unique speakers to give either
lightning or longer talks.

Granted I haven't been to many other Python events bar DJUGL, having a
young family and working long hours doesn't always lend itself to giving up
many evenings/weekends to attend meetups. The Python Dojo for example, has
limited space and tickets normally go quickly, I wouldn't want to take the
place there of someone who would actually be able to take part in the
coding challenges.

Happy to speak further on this and as always, I'm always open to wider



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On 22 April 2015 at 13:07, Anand Kumria <akumria at acm.org> wrote:

> Hi Jon,
> On 22/04/15 11:59, Jon Gould wrote:
> >
> > Moving forward, I'll be looking for a couple of additional people to
> > help with the running of the event.
> Why?
> If you feel you don't have the time / energy, why continue to run it?
> What particular need do you feel DJUGL is serving?
> > There seems to be a negative impression of DJUGL from some quarters
> > based on it being solely run by a recruitment company, for those who
> > know me this is something I have worked hard over the last 7 years to
> > change the typical perception and become an active member of the
> > Django community.
> I've never seen you come to a London Django meetup - that was the one
> last night. Nor did I see you at any of the London Django coding
> sessions; nor the (recent) Django sprint.
> No one expects you to come to every possible event but *only* going to
> the ones that you put on indicates that your perception of the community
> is limited. Particularly if you've not been able to over the last 7 years.
> The "negative impression" is something I've heard many times; a number
> of speakers have resented that the fact that their presentation needed
> to be "vetted" for recruitment statements and they felt obliged not to
> say "we're hiring" in their presentations.
> > It's also a shame that there are several other Python/Django Meetups
> > happening this week.
> You wrote me a email complaining about that, but *why* is it a shame?
> I think it is something to celebrate that London has a sufficiently
> large Django community to be able to easily support two meetups during
> the week.
> I know plenty of people who are going to both; it seems like a win for
> the community to have choice.
> Anand
> --
> “Don’t be sad because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss
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