[python-uk] Django Sprint in London

Ola Sitarska ola at sitarska.com
Fri Feb 27 00:11:50 CET 2015

Hi everyone!

I'd love to invite you all to a Django Sprint <http://djangosprint.london/>
that will take place in Potato office in London on 21-22nd March.

Django Sprint <http://djangosprint.london/> is a free event for Python and
Django enthusiasts who want to learn more about contributing to Django and
Django related projects, and spend a day hacking on open source while
surrounded by like-minded people.

Django Sprint welcomes everyone (seriously, you!), no matter the level of
experience. Sprint leaders and your co-sprinters will help you get started
and submit your first (or yet another!) patch to the open source project of
your choice during the day.

We're also looking for sponsorships in a range of 200-400 GBP for food and
drinks. If your company would like to present yourself in front of 60
awesome Python developers, please do get in touch with me :) The event is
non-profit and we very much want to keep it community driven.

See you there!

High fives,
Ola Sitarska
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