[python-uk] Next CamPUG meeting: Tue Jan 2015

Tony Ibbs tibs at tibsnjoan.co.uk
Thu Jan 1 18:56:49 CET 2015

From the google group:

Happy New Year to all

The next meeting will be Tuesday 6th January 2015 (!), 7.30pm at RealVNC (http://goo.gl/maps/ktqpS). We normally stop about 9.30pm, and go on to the pub.

If we have nothing else to talk about, we can talk about our good intentions with respect to how we want to use Python in this new year. But if anyone has a specific talk, please do let us know.

Meetings after that will be:
	• Tuesday 3rd February
	• Tuesday 3rd March
	• Tuesday 7th April


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