[python-uk] PyGame Zero: I tried to install but I failed :/

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Sun Jun 7 16:32:41 CEST 2015

On Jun 6, 2015, at 10:14 PM, Tom Viner <tom at viner.tv> wrote:

> Quite right Steve. Teams may like to tidy up their code and create an issue on Dan (lordmauve)'s bitbucket repo. The raspberry pi foundation will then have a chance to use your code in lesson plans for kids round the country.

Along those lines, I realized as I was tidying up that while the code is self-evident to me, and to any experienced programmer, it would probably be very helpful to our junior colleagues (a phrase I try to use in preference to "kids" or even "students" as being more inclusive) if we were to add simple comments.

In my README I also put a short description of the program's architecture and operation, along with hints for enhancements students might like to make. I left the program functional but deliberately incomplete, and some of the enhancements (e.g. add sound, improve the graphics) are easy enough for even non-programmers to undertake without dread. That's an easy way to get a sense of accomplishment.

I'm currently busy adding branches to show my approach to some of these enhancements, which I hope will be useful to teachers who aren't particularly experienced programmers themselves in helping students who undertake them.

I think it's perhaps as complex as it needs to get now, otherwise it will start to need a Teacher's Guide :-)


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