[python-uk] ATTENTION: PyCon UK returns! Book tickets and propose talks! Do all the things!!!

Nicholas H.Tollervey ntoll at ntoll.org
Tue May 12 15:05:56 CEST 2015

Hello, World!

PyCon UK 2015 is open! The conference runs between Friday 18th - Monday
21st September 2015 and will be held in Coventry

Book your tickets here: http://www.pyconuk.org/register/

The Call for Papers is Open

We can't run a conference without talks, tutorials and workshops.

PyCon UK is a community conference, made by people like you!  All talks
and workshops are given by members of the community, and we'd like to
invite you to submit a proposal to present a talk or to run a workshop.

Submit your talks here:



Would you or your company like to sponsor PyCon UK?

PyCon UK is a hugely popular and oversubscribed conference that attracts
the very best of programming talent from across the UK, Europe and
elsewhere. Our conference is regularly featured in both the trade and
national press. Why? Because PyCon UK is organised by the Python
community for the Python community with the support of our sponsors
(that's where you come in).

Full details can be found here:


Community Tickets and Volunteers

Since the early bird ticket was of no benefit to attendees or conference
organisers we've scrapped it. In its place is a reduced rate "Community"

By purchasing one of these limited number of tickets you will be
agreeing to contribute to the conference as a volunteer (either as a
session chair, stage hand, meeter and greeter or workshop wizard - we'd
expect around 2 hours of your time as an appropriate contribution).

If your talk is accepted for PyCon UK you will also be offered a
"Community" ticket since you are also contributing to the conference.

Full details can be found here:


Conference Meal

The hugely popular conference meal is no longer included in the cost of
the conference ticket. You'll need to buy a conference meal ticket
separately. We have also had to limited the number of meal places to
150. It's a popular event, so book your place while you can.

Education Track

Once again we have an education track. But this year it's bigger and
better than ever.

We will have the usual teacher's training day on Friday 18th and the
kids' day on Saturday 19th. This year we'll be collaborating with both
the Raspberry Pi Foundation and the Jam Packed "roadshow" to make these
as brilliant, fun and, er, explosive as ever.

In addition, on Friday 18th we will have a Trans*Code
(http://trans-code.org/) hack-day and a Django Girls
(http://djangogirls.org/) workshop. Participants in the Trans*Code and
Django Girls events are eligable for a full conference ticket including
the conference meal  should they wish to stay the full weekend.

To apply for a Trans*Code or Django Girls place please register your
interest via this form:


Science Track

From Saturday 19th will by PyCon UK's first ever Science track for, er,
scientists who use Python! It will feature tutorials, talks and
collaborative coding. The tickets for this event are supported by the
Software Sustainability Institute.

Full details can be found here:


Skeleton Schedule

Want to know how the conference is shaping up? Take a look at the
skeleton schedule for a heads up on all the stuff happening over a very
busy weekend:


Code of Conduct

We have one (http://www.pyconuk.org/codeofconduct/) and we expect you to
have read it and follow it whilst engaged with the conference.

Discuss PyCon UK

If you want to discuss this year's conference please subscribe to the
official mailing list:


John Pinner

On Friday evening we celebrate the life, work and friendship of John
Pinner - the founder and chair of the organising committee who
tragically lost his fight with cancer in the spring. We will run a
bring-your-own buffet with an entrance fee of £5. All proceeds will be
donated to Cancer Research UK.

See you at PyCon UK!

Love and kisses,

The PyCon UK Organising Pixies

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