[python-uk] Transifex experiences - did it save enough time to justify the cost?

Chris Adams wave at chrisadams.me.uk
Wed May 27 11:55:43 CEST 2015

Hi all,

I'm looking after a Django site and I'm looking for a less painful way
to manage translations of both the content and some parts of the UI that
users see in the templates.

Is Transifex the main game in town for doing this these days, if you
want to manage the workflow without shunting spreadsheets around all
day? Best to assume noone else in the organisation has heard of Github,
let alone knows what a pull request is.

And can anyone on the list share where using it has turned out to be a
more difficult experience than they were expecting?

>From what I can see on the site it look ideal, almost too good to be



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