[python-uk] Freelance Python guru required for part time commitment

David Wilson dw+python-uk at hmmz.org
Mon Nov 16 13:40:53 EST 2015

Hi list,

I'm urgently seeking a freelancer to take the reigns on the backend for a
Borough, London based startup's product.

Due to scheduling mishaps I need to give up what is otherwise an
incredibly fun and engaging project on a great team, however my loss may
be your gain, so please read on.. :)

This project would suit someone with good overall Python toolset
knowledge, at least an exposure to Django (although preferably a bit
more than that), and ideally a strong knowledge of, or burning desire to see
PostgreSQL used in extreme anger.

The product is a mobile data analytics platform, consisting of:

* One user-facing Django application serving up an Angular app and
  implementing it's backing API using Django rest_framework. You do not
  need to touch the Angular parts, but a passing familiarity with Angular and
  the contemporary frontend toolchain may be beneficial.

* One device-facing Django application serving up a separate Django
  rest_framework API and implementing a bunch of preprocessing logic for
  incoming impressions.

* A pretty hairy PostgreSQL installation, making heavy use of
  SQLAlchemy Core to generate reporting queries, along with an Rq-based
  task queue that maintains consistency between raw impression data and
  materialized summaries based on user filters.

  Example query: https://gist.github.com/dw/c6cf10f83d1ccb9606ff

* Device-side SDKs for Android and iOS. This role does not cover these
  components, but if you enjoy flexing your Objective C or Java skills,
  that could be a big plus.

Our full tech list:

* Python 2.7 & virtualenv
* Django 1.8, rest_framework 3.2
* SQLAlchemy 0.9
* Ansible 1.9
* PostgreSQL 9.4
* Redis 3.0 and Rq 0.5
* Ubuntu 14.04

For more information, please get in touch by forwarding a recent CV to
Isambard Poulson at <isambard at huq.io>, including a few short comments on
problems you've spotted or improvements you might make to the example
query linked above.



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