[python-uk] MicroPython / BBC micro:bit at Python user groups in the UK

Nicholas H.Tollervey ntoll at ntoll.org
Fri Sep 25 15:25:08 CEST 2015

Hi Folks,

So the BBC have realised that MicroPython is really a thing that works.
They've said they would be up for loaning us micro:bit devices for
community events over the Autumn (heavy emphasis on the word *loan* here).


If you're interested in having your evening user group become a "hey
let's play with MicroPython on the micro:bit" type affair please let me
know via this list.

I suspect I'll have to attend in person to chaperone the devices but
that also means you get me to do a talk on MicroPython and the device
itself. I may also be able to arrange some funky peripheral devices (a
micro:bit robot car for example) to be included.

My aim is two-fold:

* Testing / feedback on MicroPython on the micro:bit
* Idea / resource generation kickstart

I'm based near Northampton so Oxford, Brum and Cambridge are easy to get
to. My folks live in north Nottinghamshire so "oop north" is within
striking distance if I combine that with a trip back home. Scotland is a
totally different matter but I do have relatives in south Wales I could
combine into a weekend trip to Cardiff if anyone is interested.

These would need to be evening events since I actually do a "real job"
during the day. :-)

Also, I'd need to know potential dates ASAP.

Any takers..?


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