[python-uk] No London Dojo in September

Tim Golden mail at timgolden.me.uk
Wed Aug 31 08:20:02 EDT 2016

You probably guessed by virtue of the radio silence, but we regret that
we'll not be running a London Python Dojo in September. It's basically
down to people being too busy and our not finding a venue.

Which brings us to... does your London-based company [*] want to host
the London Python Dojo on a one-off or occasional basis? All that's
needed is: a willingness to let 30 wholly responsible adults occupy your
premises from 6.30pm to 10pm on the first Thursday of the month; ideally
the provision of WiFi; and, if possible, the offer of beer & pizza for
all those people (somewhere around £120 unless you have your own
in-house pizzeria and brewery).

For the hosting company, it's an opportunity to: advertise yourselves in
general; look for prospective employees; contribute back to the Python

Please let us know via team at ldnpydojo.org.uk if you think you can help,
either immediately or whenever.

Thanks -- we should be back in October


[*] Anywhere in London. Really. Not just within a one-mile radius of Old

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