[python-uk] 2 Principle Engineer roles in London up to £95k

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Tue Dec 6 18:25:11 EST 2016

On 07/12/16 04:20, Richard Smith wrote:
> On Tue, 6 Dec 2016 at 14:59 Steve Holden <steve at holdenweb.com
> <mailto:steve at holdenweb.com>> wrote:
>     +1
>     A little innocent fun is OK, but when it runs the risk of being
>     hurtful it's probably gone far enough. It would be horrible if the
>     Python community got a name for being snide.

>  +1
> While I didn't post, I considered making something of a contribution,
> which was, in hindsight not going to be a positive contribution.
> However, lets not forget what the original post was, which is spam. I
> object to having that kind of content in my mailbox (have subsequently
> added the OP to my shitlist in GApps).
> Dyslexia or not, the content of the opportunities that was advertised
> were not of acceptable standard:
>  - no salary definitions
>  - no explanation of benefits
>  - nothing but a technology stack as way of skills requirements which is
> next to pointless
>  - no info on precise location in London
>  - naught but a slightly vague title
>  - a salary carrot on a long stick (the "up to £95k").
> It was clear from the OPs post that no thought was put into making the
> post and that her intention was simply to float it out there to get some
> fish biting.
> Had Sophie made an effort, perhaps I might have been more accommodating.
> As it stands, I've no interest in dealing with lazy recruitment agents.

I join the sardonic amusement.

Despite Steve's (all too correct) sympathy expressed, I'm still on the 
'disappointed' side of the ledger because almost any 'advice' one reads 
for applicants writing/responding to agencies and potential employers 
includes stern (or lofty) advice about spell-checking, grammar-checking, 
sanity-checking, etc, etc. Do as I say, and not as I do?

Respect to the OP for responding in civil fashion!

Marks-off for not addressing the (above) list specifications (which 
again, given that you wouldn't want a non-Python person applying for 
such tasks and would immediately question if (s)he had read the advert 
properly?) Et tu Brute?

Strike three, as my American friends would say, was that said-reply will 
not be threaded with the rest of the email conversation. Any more than 
the OP is likely to connect an application entitled "Programmer skilled 
in interfacing C++ to COBOL" with these positions...

Sophie: you won't make these mistakes again, but I hope you will return 
with news of future opportunities. Meantime, how about reading-up on the 
technical aspects (per above), and then seeking to rebuild relationships 
by offering to host a local Python gathering, sponsor pizza at the next 
Python dojo, or similar?
(yes, we're that simple/easy to please!)


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