[python-uk] What trends should we watch Python during 2017..?

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Not a trend, but perhaps interesting to someone...

I'm still working on Pyxie[1] - a Python to C++ compiler - which targets
embedded systems. The idea is to allow python code to run on platforms too
small for micropython - for example devices with 8K Flash & 1K RAM :-)

[1] http://sparkslabs.com/pyxie/

There's **tons** still missing -- like many I'm time starved this is a
personal/home project -- but it can do enough now to control simple robots
with sensors. (Like the Dagu Playful Puppy)

Not really ready for people who want "proper" python, but enough for people
who want to fiddle with arduino type stuff without wanting to use C++ - I
would still call it pre-alpha though. Might hit alpha next year though :-)

(Grew out of the work I did on the microbit prototype we took into schools
before the partnership - but this now does more than the specialised/hacky
python/C++ compiler I did there. )

(Obvious questions like "how does this differ from shedskin, pypy or cython
etc" are more the target device restricts a lot of options you'd normallly
have. As a result it's not likely to end up as full fledged as those)

The stack is designed to allow for profiles for targetting different
platforms (to make testing easier), so it can spit out linux executables as
well as arduino hex files at the moment. (And obviously nicely printed C++
code :) )


On 7 December 2016 at 11:24, Nicholas H.Tollervey <ntoll at ntoll.org> wrote:

> I've been asked to answer this. I've already replied but I wonder what
> the wider community think..?
> My response mentioned:
> * MicroPython bringing Python to embedded / IoT communities (and such
> communities into the Python world).
> * Python 2 / Python 3 (a perennial)
> * Python in education: with the micro:bit, Calliope (German micro:bit)
> and Adafruit all settling on MicroPython lots of kids and teachers will
> be learning Python next year. Also viz RPi - now the most successful
> computing in education project in history if measured in terms of
> devices shipped (and they promote Python too).
> * Python in data science. If the London PyData is anything to go by,
> things have only just started in this respect.
> Care to add anything else..? What about technical things to watch out
> for..? Will Larry complete his Gilectomey..?
> Season's greetings...
> N.
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