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This is my first message to this list and I am sad the first message is not
about python... But as you're talking about code of conduct, I would like
to suggest something that has worked very well for me in other groups I
Personally, I don't like CoC much, because it's easy to turn it bureaucracy
and make people not comfortable in giving their opinions, which is not
usually what we desire. Absence of rules, though, is always bad.

I other groups, we have this simple rule: you can offend any idea, you
can't offend any people.

   - Anything you say offending an idea, like "Django is a piece of crap",
   "Mac is a devil operating system", "What you're saying is stupid", etc., is
   - Anything you say offending someone, like "You must be stupid to say
   something like this", "Don't defend Ruby, people who like ruby are
   incompetent", "Either you have a degree or your opinion is not worth being
   heard" can lead to kick you out.

If you think a code of conduct is needed to stop people from sending jobs
offers, this is another story and a separate subject, as a message with a
job offer wouldn't justify any personal attack. But I don't think anything
more than the above is needed as a rule for a mailing list. Usually members
auto organize themselves in ML without any complicated list of conduct.

Best regards,

On 7 December 2016 at 13:12, Thomas Kluyver <thomas at kluyver.me.uk> wrote:

> On Wed, Dec 7, 2016, at 11:54 AM, Richard Smith wrote:
> <snip judgmental PC bollocks handwringing>
> ...
> For getattr(universe, 'deity')'s sake, grow some balls and talk to people.
> ...
> > Words escape me to explain quite how moronic that statement is.
> Now you are unquestionably being rude to first Cory, then Daniele. The
> more messages like this I see, the more I agree that a code of conduct is
> necessary. If you don't think CoCs are necessary, please demonstrate that
> by remaining civil in the absence of one.
> Thomas
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