[python-uk] 2 Principle Engineer roles in London up to £95k

David Wilson dw+python-uk at hmmz.org
Thu Dec 8 09:35:27 EST 2016

On Thu, Dec 08, 2016 at 02:20:30PM +0000, S Walker wrote:

> Frankly if we didn't have people complaining about the job postings
> each time they were made

I suspect that is a rule everyone could get behind. :)

> they'd be responsible for a negligible amount of list traffic.

Ignoring discussions of job postings and meeting announcements, the only
two really useful things IMHO that hit python-uk, what other purpose
does the list continue to serve?

Back in the day, lists like this would be brimming with news of
advocacy, success stories and suchlike, but Python has long since become

If we legislate against job postings, it seems there isn't much
legitimate content that remains relevant to this list.


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