[python-uk] Last night's dojo (fowl play)

SW walker_s at hotmail.co.uk
Fri Feb 5 05:26:54 EST 2016

Good morning,
For those interested in where to obtain Turkey (the daily tasks tracking
tool) from after last night's talk on it: https://github.com/geokala/turkey

Our (group 1's) quiz app (which as some noted might be /loosely/ related
to turkey *cough*) is also available on https://github.com/geokala/quizify
It's actually working now. The lesson is not to keep multiple copies of
the same file in different locations. Also, use absolute imports, and
don't use urllib directly.

Additionally, if anyone was interested in a job working on Cloudify
(open source orchestration tool)- most likely working from home, ping me
a mail off list (happy to answer any questions on what it's like to work
on as well).


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