[python-uk] Pyweek runs Feb-Mar: London team?

Nick Sarbicki nick.a.sarbicki at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 02:56:40 EST 2016

Looks awesome! I'll get involved if I have any time that week :-).

On Fri, 5 Feb 2016, 01:16 Daniel Pope <mauve at mauveweb.co.uk> wrote:

> The 21st Pyweek competition is coming up at the end of the month, running
> from 00:00 UTC on 28th February to 00:00 UTC 6th March. Pyweek is a games
> programming contest in which you must write a game in Python, from scratch,
> in exactly one week. Games must be written around a theme that is up for
> voting in the week before the contest. The winning challenge theme is
> announced at the moment the contest starts. Participants can enter as
> individuals or teams, and there is one winner in each category based on
> votes from other entrants.
> The URL: https://www.pyweek.org/
> Pyweek is open to everyone: Python novices, adepts or experts. Even people
> with no programming experience can contribute art, design, sound, music or
> story to a team project. For some, it might be your first complete
> end-to-end Python project.
> You can spend a few hours or all of the week; winning games have been
> written in a day. One of the most fun aspects of Pyweek is to diarise your
> progress and upload screenshots. Seeing other games develop, exchanging
> development war stories and celebrating successes is part of the fun.
> I would encourage you to consider taking part.
> Londonites: London Python Dojo regulars have entered a team in the
> competition a couple of times before, but to my knowledge the last time was
> several years ago. Since then I've won the individual competition a couple
> of times, but never the team competition. I think it's time the London
> Python community stood up to the challenge and took that team trophy home*!
> Because we're a city of talented, creative, witty Pythonistas. Who's with
> me?!
> * There is no trophy.
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